Machine Learning Engineer

Job description

Snappet is looking for a Machine Learning Engineer who will join our Data Science & Machine Learning team and take full ownership of developing, deploying and maintaining new machine learning functionality.


Improve the learning results of children: that’s what we do at Snappet. We develop smart software that allows teachers and children to get the best results. Our software is used in more than 3000 schools across Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, USA and Spain and used by more than 300.000 pupils. We value the continuous improvement of our products to support all these schools and pupils.


As Machine Learning Engineer you play a crucial role in the continuous improvement of learning results, by designing cloud-hosted solutions capable of analyzing massive data and drawing the right conclusions, and by improving algorithms and machine learning models serving hundreds of thousands of customers daily.


You collaborate closely with a team of other machine learning engineers, machine learning researchers, data analysts, data scientists, software developers, and product owners. You take full ownership and won't be put off by complex problems or massive amounts of data.


We believe in Agile and autonomy. We release fast and often. We are driven by the fact that we actively contribute to improving education. Our teams are empowered to work in the best way possible. We continuously improve our working environment. Besides the teamwork, development teams regularly experiment and learn new technologies and collaborate with others on this. We have monthly ‘pizza sessions’ where we get together and share knowledge on all things tech or fun.


The ideal candidate

  • Relevant higher education or university degree;
  • 2+ years’ work experience in a business environment;
  • Experience of modelling & engineering tools: python, tensorflow (keras), scikit-learn, pandas, pyspark, metaflow
  • Some knowledge and experience with data engineering: communicating with databases, parallel processing, setting up data pipelines.
  • A plus would be experience with the relevant (AWS) cloud tools: S3, DynamoDB, Athena, Glue, lambda functions, ECS, CloudFormation, airflow & sagemaker.
  • Extensive knowledge of modelling and some common models: sequential neural networks, LSTMs, recommender systems, embeddings, Matrix Factorization
  • Some experience and knowledge of model management in production: testing models, making model performant, setting up endpoints, model monitoring & management.
  • A plus would be experience with the relevant (AWS) cloud tools: 
  • Team player with flexible, collaborative, proactive and positive attitude;
  • Motivation for the mission to improve education from the perspective of a successful scale-up environment.

What we offer

  • Competitive salary.
  • Personal training budget.
  • Plenty of room for own input.
  • Working with experienced, friendly and motivated colleagues in an Agile setup.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Office right next to Utrecht central station.
  • An arcade cabinet and foosball table.